What temperatures are required to put this on my roof?

Typically we suggest the temperature be at least 39-41 degrees or 4 to 5 degrees above freezing and rising with no rain in the forecast for 45 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Typically, shingle rejuvenation costs about 10% of the cost of replacement. An average cost of roof replacement in 2020 was $10,000 compared to only $1,500 to rejuvenate.

Does your product change the color of the shingles?

Yes, the color of the shingles will darken, similar to what it was like when new. Within a couple of years the shingles will start to lighten up as the surface oils begin to oxidize off.

Does this help with moss and algae growing on my roof?

We suggest cleaning the roof first, then rejuvenating your shingles. Any moss or algae left will be smothered and killed. Check out the before and after pictures in the gallery.

Is your product safe?

Our product is made with 90% bio-based natural food grade oils. It is safe in small quantities, easily washed off with water, but like water in a flood it’s not 100% safe but is safe around pets, plants and people. 

What does the warranty cover?

Our five year prorated warranty guaranties to extend the life of the shingle for at least five years. Some owners want to stop the aging process on older shingles, so depending on how old they are we may not be able to warranty a shingle that is starting to show signs of extreme aging, like when the shingles are starting to curl up or have too much granule loss. The warranty is transferable to subsequent homeowners.

How do I know if my shingles need rejuvenation?

Typically shingles that are ten years old start to show signs of ageing, granular loss and could use rejuvenation before they start to curl up and become brittle.